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Rink Update

Cold winter weather brought excellent ice surfaces and enthusiastic skaters to the outdoor rink in Plouffe Park, located just behind the Plant Recreation Centre (PRC).

Under the management of the Plant Pool Recreation Association (PPRA), the City-funded rink is large enough to offer areas for both organized hockey and free skating.

Smaller ice surfaces around and beside the main rink are available for those who prefer a quieter skate.

During supervised hours after school and on the weekends, PPRA volunteers provide loans of equipment including hockey sticks, nets and skates, and a helping hand for tightening laces.

Skate blades are kept sharpened through the generosity of Glebe Home Hardware.

Rink supervisor Melissa Sbrega estimates that there are between 10 and 30 people using the rinks at any one time, and statistics kept during supervised hours show that close to 1000 skaters were on the ice between its opening and the beginning of February.

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