10,000 steps’ 10,000 Thank Yous!

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What a wonderful day! Perfect weather for walking and for celebrating health and fitness in our community.

Between 50 and 60 walkers (43 registered at the PRC and others at stations on route) enjoyed some, if not all, of the route.  For many participants it was their second (annual?) walk and they appeared just as excited to do it again a year later.
 Given the talk around the food table at the end of the walk the event certainly seems to be raising awareness about fitness and health through walking. A special thanks to the Royal Bank for their generous donation of pedometers for every participant. Comparing steps completed certainly generated discussion amongst those who stayed for something to eat.

There are so many people and organizations to thank. The task  almost seems like starting the 10,000 Steps Challenge over again.

First, there is every member of the PPRA Board who, as always, pulled together to incorporate the second Steps Challenge with a new Hoops Tournament (approximately another 50 people to integrate into food calculations etc.)  Special mention must go to the PPRA President, Martha Musgrove, who conceived of the idea 2 years ago and worked tirelessly for many months putting the first 10,000 Steps Challenge together for 2014. With such a good template in place, the job of replication, with minor changes, was relatively simple. In addition, 4 former Board members lent their special expertise in  the kitchen and on the route to ensure the event unfolded smoothly.  Thank you.

Second, there is every organization that came back on board for a second year to set up stations – Hintonburg Recreation Association, Ottawa Tai Chi Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Centretown NDP Riding Association, Cambridge St. Public School, Somerset West Community Health Centre, and Dalhousie Community Association. As well, there are the new organizations which joined us for the first time: The Door Youth Drop-in, Gotta Walk, Save Little Italy, and Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. Thank you.

Third, generous donations from Bridgehead, the Bagelshop, the Ottawa Tai Chi Association, the Preston St. BIA, the Red Apron, and the Plant Recreation Centre contributed to both the food and prize tables. Also, for as long as PPRA has been operating (almost 20 years)  Advance Printers have continuously supported us with reduced printing costs.  Thank you.

Fourth, even though Councillor Catherine McKenney could not join us since she was out of town on municipal business, a contribution from her office helped  with publicity, food, and prize expenses. Thank you.   

Fifth, our MP Paul Dewar very generously took time to support the event and join us to say a few words on the importance of fitness and health.  Thank you.

Sixth, as always, the staff at Plant Recreation Centre supported us in every way possible- if not moving mountains at least “pods”, and interrupting their work  to find the “bits and pieces” which always seem suddenly essential at the eleventh hour- all with good grace. Thank you.

Finally, a very special thanks to our “army” of volunteers from both Glebe Collegiate and the Royal Bank. We have never had the luxury of so many hands on “stand by”. It was a little overwhelming. I really hope taking so much of your time from your week-end activities brought some personal benefits since it certainly gave us a great boost. Thank you.

It was a real pleasure working with everyone involved in the 2015 10,000 Steps Challenge. I hope to have the pleasure of working again with you in the future.

THANK YOUIMG_1951 IMG_1924 IMG_1956 IMG_1953 IMG_1947 IMG_1939 IMG_1931 IMG_1925

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