Yoga DeLicious February 20, 2016

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Yoga DeLicious February 20, 2016

Join us for a candlelight yoga class with a sweet treat at the end of your practice.  Before you settle into savasana a truffle will be brought to you to savour and enjoy. Relax after the yoga class with a soothing cup of homemade hot spice tea and more sweet treats.  Truffles and Treats Donated by
Macarons Et Madeleines.

Please arrive at 7pm. Yoga class will begin at 7:30 pm – 9 pm. Tea and Treats 9pm – 10pm. The Yoga will be gentle and fun. Wear your comfortable casual workout attire.  Tickets can be purchased for thirty dollars in advance. Donations will benefit the Woman Alive Program.  For more information and tickets contact the PPRA 

About Woman Alive and Yoga DeLicious

The Woman Alive Program is an affordable fitness program for women offered by the City of Ottawa. The program has been running in Ottawa for more than 15 years. It began in Kanata, the vision of a public health nurse.
At present this program is funded by the City of Ottawa Recreation Department; in the past the Public Health Department and the Ontario Ministry of Health also provided funding and support for this program.
In the fall of 2004, the program was brought to Plant Recreation Centre by the Royal Ottawa Hospital as a one year study to determine if an affordable and supportive fitness program, such as Woman Alive, could help to prevent re-hospitalization of women previously hospitalized at the Royal Ottawa for a variety of illnesses. The results were impressive and the program was continued using the original Woman Alive model beginning in the fall of 2005. The Woman Alive Program has continued to run every year from September to June at Plant. In January of 2005, a Woman Alive Program was also started at Jack Purcell and has continued to run very successfully there since. In the last 11 years, other city facilities have also run the program with up to 9 different facilities using this model to provide supportive and affordable fitness for women.
The Woman Alive Program at Plant is offered three days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and offers four different classes (an Aqua fitness class, a Cardio and Strength class, a Yoga class and an hour of access to the weight room a week). The women pay one dollar per class and they can do any, or all, of the Woman Alive classes they like.
Yoga DeLicious is a fundraiser for the Woman Alive Program at Plant. The funds are used to help provide the women in the program at Plant with a three month pass for a one option membership to City of Ottawa facilities. This membership allows the women to continue to stay active in the months of July, August, and the part of September when the program takes a break. By helping to fund these memberships you are helping women to participate in membership classes at city facilities or use the weight room facilities outside of the regular classes offered by the Woman Alive program. Your thirty dollar donation will pay the remaining 25% of the cost not covered by the City of Ottawa Hand and Hand program or act as a bursary for women who do not qualify for the program or who have used up all of their assistance. Your donation will help women to stay active, become more active and provide them with more opportunities to be healthy.

Thank You!

 About Woman Alive

Feb Yoga Delicious 2016

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