Thank You to all the volunteers, walkers and B-ball players who came out on Saturday for Hoops and 10,000 steps

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A  huge  thank you to all PPRA members, present and past, and their families (especially Adrian and David), who contributed to put our celebratory stamp of the “Day” on both the Plant Recreation Centre and the community.

It was wonderful to see the basketball court hopping with youth from many different backgrounds showing considerable skill and excitement during the tournament. Thanks to the volunteers, especially the Glebe students, numbers were tallied and whistles blown.  Another great success. Congratulations Suzanne for initiating the Hoops Tournament last year and creating another great day.

Although our total number of walkers was lower than last year and many didn’t make it all the way around, we are getting the message out that walking is good for health and fitness and 10,000 steps is not just around the corner. Thank you again Martha for having such a good idea over 3 years ago. Everyone really seemed to  enjoy the route and were especially engaged with the quiz and the wonderful “stationmasters”.  Therefore, a special thank you to all the station masters whose presence along the route made it such a special walk for the participants (Cambridge School and their special treats from the Red Apron; the Door; SWCHC; DCA; and Hintonburg).  A special mention goes to the Glebe volunteers and RBC crew who dispatched themselves with such enthusiasm just in advance of the walkers. And thank you to Veronica who stayed behind and ran the registration desk, along with Martha and Ida, so I didn’t have to worry about the front of the building. We really took PPRA out into the community, as will be evident when we see all Audri and Sean’s pictures- thank you for being our special paparazzi.  And of course you can’t have a celebration without food, and PPRA  is completely spoilt to have the kitchen run so efficiently by Ann and Brad with their able Glebe  volunteers. Ann and Brad  have been key pillars of the PPRA since the beginning when the new facility was just a dream. Thank you for still being on hand to cut water melon.

And finally, a personal thank you to each and everyone of you, for sharing your time so that I could have such a wonderful celebration.


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