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Plouffe Park/Dalhousie Community Nature Hunt Prize Winnerswomen on a bike looking at a field along a bike trail

Thank you to everyone who participated in the PPRA nature hunt and quiz between June 15 and July 1, 2020. We hope you enjoyed (re)discovering and (re)connecting with the the nature that surrounds the Plant Recreation Centre (Plant Bath) on Somerset Street West.

The PPRA received support from the TD Park People Grants program to deliver this activity.

And the prize winners are….

Chloé Brandin-Renaud
Debbie Barton
Tammy Morris
Sophie Foo and Agnes Kelly
Kenny Vandelinde-Mckenney
Mindy Sichel
Futile Revolution
Johanna Coutts
Paola Bauer
Tammy Hall
Marie Maretel


Want to know the answers?

The nature hunt and quiz had 17 stops along the 3.5 km route. Participants were asked to identify trees, plants, rocks as well as their uses. Here are the answers:

1a- C, 1b-D, 1c-C          10a-C, 10b-B

2a-C, 2b-D                    11-E

3a-A, 3b-A                    12-D

4- B                               13-E

5a-D, 5b-C                    14-E

6a-C, 6b-E                     15a-C, 15b-E

7-B                                16-C

8a-D, 8b-C                    17-C

9a-D, 9b-E                     BONUS- E

About our event sponsor

TD Park People Grants program is providing essential funding to support park groups in delivering over 334 awesome nature-based activities that foster environmental education, sustainability and stewardship in cities across Canada. Together, TD and Park People are helping to bring Canadians together to unlock the power of parks because they know that when people are connected to nature in their parks and communities, people are happier and communities feel more connected to nature and each other.

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