Community Access Programs

Community Access Programs

Woman Alive Fitness Pass Program

The PPRA helps support access to fitness passes for women on low incomes.  Through fundraising efforts like Yoga Delicious, the PPRA in partnership with the City of Ottawa, and local businesses like Macarons et Madeleines and Bridgehead helps to provide free fitness passes for 3-12 months for women in the Woman Alive Program.  A similar program was also offered at Rochester Heights in partnership with Somerset West Community Health Centre and Rochester Heights House.


Senior’s Monthly Social and Information Coffee Hour Talks

The PPRA supports programming to increase Senior’s involvement in recreational activities centered around the PRC.  Through fundraising activities like the Dessert Party.  The PPRA has helped to fund educational talks and information sessions for seniors at the PRC.


Community Events at the Plant Recreation Centre

The PPRA undertakes community fund raising events (dessert party, plant sale, Yoga Delicious, Hockey Day in Canada, Hoops, and the Ten Thousand Steps Annual Community Walk) both to raise money for its ongoing activities and to develop community awareness and involvement centered around the Plant Recreation Centre.