Community Access

Community Access

Chair:  Audrey Brewster, Carol Sissons

 To increase access and remove barriers to recreational activities for those in our community.

Women Alive Program 3 month PRC pass program

Rochester Heights weight room access program









  • Members Committee

Chair:  Sally Ruthford, Sean Darcy, Audrey Brewster


To solicit input from PPRC members regarding recreational programs offered; determining if the needs of the community are being met by the PPRC; attracting future members to PPRC and PPRA.

o  Survey re: Access to facility and recreation opportunities

o  Is PPRC meeting the needs of the community

o  What do the members and users want and need

o  Facility cleanliness

o  Basketball courts, Splash pads

o  Meet with PPRC staff monthly

o  PPRC/PPRA joint activities (June fun day/Dessert Party)


  • Grants and Finances

Chair:  Carol Sissons, Jan teevan, Ida Henderson


To seek out and prepare applications for grants to fund programming.  To oversee the financial affairs of the PPRA ensuring that we can continue to offer programming and expand programming where needed and when opportunities arise.


o  Community Foundation Grant

o  Other Grants







  • Recreation and Green space

Chair:  Sean Darcy, Audrey Brewster, Ida Henderson

To advocate for protection, improvement and an increase of local parks, green and recreation space

o  Grow Plouffe Park

o  Dominican Gardens

o  Play structures

o  Other local parks and green spaces

o  Vietnamese Garden


  • Communications

Chair:  Audrey Brewster, Roger Herz-Fischler, Jan teevan


To update and maintain the PPRA website in accordance with the new NFP regulations.  To update and maintain current literature regarding PPRA activities.  To increase awareness of the PPRA and encourage new members and greater community involvement in the PPRA.


o  Web-site updating/maintenance

o  Monitoring emails to PPRA and mail to PPRA front desk mailbox

o  Poster/pamphlets

o  PPRA Window in front lobby of PPRC

o  Outreach to solicit new members

o  Increasing awareness of PPRA activities and programs


Board members are encouraged to select the committees they are interested in

Please share your thoughts on any other committees you think

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