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PPRA Receives Federal Funding to Install Shade Sails in Community Park behind the Plant Recreation Centre

PPRA was awarded $74,238 in federal funding from the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative for the Shade Sails Seniors’ COVID-19 Compliant Park Programming project.

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Minister McKenna (top left), his worship mayor Watson (top right) and Tais McNeill, senior associate, Ottawa Community Foundation (bottom left) and Suzanne Nash, President, Plant Pool Recreation Association (bottom right).

The project will increase the safety and vibrancy of the play area behind the Plant Recreation Centre in Ottawa by installing Shade Sails over a sunny part of the play area and park benches. It will also support the purchase of outdoor recreation equipment and games which can be played while respecting public health rules on social distancing as well as the hiring of a park animator to encourage seniors to get out, gather under the shade, meet new people, walk, and use the COVID-19 compliant games equipment available.

Click and read the official news release for more details about this PPRA initiative. 


What is the Plant Pool Recreation Association (PPRA)?

The PPRA is a non-profit, community-based organization, that aims to improve our community by increasing access to recreation opportunities and spaces at the City of Ottawa Plant Recreation Centre (Plant Bath) and Plouffe Park. The PPRA draws membership from citizens city-wide concerned about community development, as well as past and present users of Plouffe Park, and facilities at the Plant Recreation Centre.

Membership is open to all interested persons, and involvement can be geared to your schedule. Some members are signed on in a support-only category, or for specific programs/events, while others take an active role in programs, meetings and advocacy.

PPRA at Work…

The PPRA offers summer programming for children at the Plouffe Park. Activities include sports, games, and arts & crafts. The summer program provides opportunities for children to develop skills in all types of sports.

In partnership with the City of Ottawa, the PPRA provides winter programming at Plouffe Park, including a high-board ice rink, as well as a free skate area. The Plouffe Room is open for winter skaters and manned by helpful PPRA volunteers and staff. The PPRA provides a collection of skates and hockey equipment free for anyone to use.

The PPRA also provides free swim passes to the Plant Recreation Centre pool for families in our community.

Partnering with local schools to provide swimming lessons for school aged children at the Plant Recreation Centre pool is another PPRA initiative. Along with increasing access to the pool and weight room for local non-profit programs through partnerships with the City of Ottawa’s affordable fitness program for women, “Woman Alive”, the “Seniors Connection” program and the Somerset West Community Health Centre.

In the summer, PPRA volunteers assist with maintaining the street view garden.

PPRA programs are supported by active fundraising and invaluable volunteer efforts.

Questions? Want to get involved ? Contact us at plantpoolrecreationassociation@gmail.com


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