What is the Plant Pool Recreation Association (PPRA)?

The PPRA is a non-profit, community-based organization, drawing membership from citizens city-wide. Some members are concerned about community development, while others are past and present users of Plouffe Park, the pool and recreation facilities.

Membership is open to all interested persons, and involvement can be geared to your schedule. Some members are signed on in a support-only category, or for specific programs/events, while others take an active role in programs, meetings and advocacy.

PPRA at Work...

The PPRA also provides free swim passes to the Plant Recreation Centre pool for families in our community.

Partnering with local schools to provide swimming lessons for school age children at the Plant Recreation Centre pool is another PPRA initiative. Along with increasing access to the pool and weight room for local non-profit programs.

In the summer, PPRA volunteers assist with maintaining the street view garden.

Finally, the PPRA is also partnered with the City of Ottawa’s affordable fitness program for women, “Women Alive”, and the “Seniors Connection” program.

PPRA programs are supported by fundraising/donations and invaluable volunteer efforts.

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Our missions

Swimming Lessons

School based swim lesson program at Cambridge School.

In partnership with the Elizabeth Arnold Plant Pool Fund, Cambridge St. School, and PRC, the PPRA helps provide annual swim lessons for 50 students (grades 4,5 and 6).

Individual swim lesson program

This program helps subsidize individual swim lessons for those who need subsidies beyond the City of Ottawa subsidy for recreation.

Swim Vouchers

Swim voucher program

In partnership with PRC and community organizations, the PPRA pays the PRC the entrance fee for leisure swims for children and youth needing assistance, via vouchers which PPRA distributes with the help of community institutions working with low income families.

Summer Park Program

Every summer the PPRA, (in partnership with the PRC, the Community Foundation, and Focus on Youth) has run a free drop-in program week days.

Supervised activities run out of the Plouffe Room, PRC, and Plouffe Park. Although the nature of activities, specific ages targeted, and partners have varied slightly over the years, the goal of providing a safe supervised outdoor and indoor space for neighborhood children and youth to gather and have fun has not changed.

Plouffe Park Winter Rink

Annually, we construct an outdoor rink with the aim of providing a space for youth to acquire skating skills and engage in hockey play. Traditionally, we arrange hockey competitions as part of our efforts to foster a sense of community and promote the love for winter sports.